MechResCon2023: Cryogenic engine testing for the Gaganyaan programme was successful, according to ISRO

 At the ISRO Propulsion Complex in Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu, the Indian Space Research Organization successfully completed the qualification test of the cryogenic engine for the Gaganyaan programme

The Bengaluru-based space agency reported that throughout the entire test on Wednesday, the engine's performance complied with the test objectives and its parameters nearly matched the forecasts.

"The Human Space Programme Gaganyaan has achieved a significant milestone with this successful long-duration test. It guarantees the cryogenic engine's dependability and durability for incorporation into the Gaganyaan human-rated launch vehicle "a statement from ISRO read.

This engine will also go through four additional tests, totaling 1810 seconds, it stated. 

Then, according to ISRO, one more engine will go through two short-duration tests and one long-duration test to finish the qualifying process for cryogenic engines for the Gaganyaan Program.

The flagship Gaganyaan project of India has finished the design phase and entered the testing phase, according to ISRO Chairman K Sivan, who made the announcement earlier this month. 

"All parties involved are working hard to keep up with the deadline to launch the first unmanned mission before the 75th anniversary of India's independence (August 15, 2022). I have no doubt that we can accomplish this goal "Sivan had remarked.


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